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Young women in Australia aren’t exercising enough, due to feeling self-conscious about their appearance and having insecurities around their ability and exercising alone. We wanted to bring girls together, and prove that physical activity can be enjoyed, rather than endured. So we used the power of social media and live events to do it.

Despite recognising the benefits, many young Australian women don’t feel they can be physically active due to a number of barriers. In fact, studies show that young women are twice as likely as boys to be inactive.

MKTG set out to break down those barriers and create a positive perception around participation in physical activity. Through 27+ carefully curated events around the country, we made our audience feel comfortable and understand they 
too are able to participate in supportive and positive environments. The campaign was supported by digital and handpicked social media influencers.



The campaign reached 86%
of young girls in our primary target market, with an exposure to the campaign of 5.7 times on average. 71% of the audience who recalled seeing the campaign did something as a result.

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